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In this study I share with you what I extensively researched and studied to be the Bible's hidden and forgotten truths, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, and what is the true relation and connection between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. You will be able to see how these true solid facts are the missing pieces that solve the puzzle of beliefs, which affects all of us in one way or another everyday of our lives, and provide answers to questions many of us ask or wonder about often.

Say ye: "We believe in God, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: And we bow to God (in submission)."
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Is God Called "Allah" in the Original Languages of the Bible, and on the Mouth of Moses and Jesus (Pput)?

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Discussing this subject here under its own, and in more details from what we touched on in part four of this study could be helpful and more enlightening to all, especially to those who aren't familiar with the original languages of God's true revelations of the Bible (Old and New Testaments) and the Qur'an (Last Testaments), God willing.

Before we start, it's important for all to be aware that referring to, or calling God differently in different languages, doesn't generally mean worshiping a different god, for example, the English language uses the word "God" to refer to "The God" of the Bible, even though that's not what the Bible referred to, or called God in it's original languages, as we will learn here, yet, it doesn't mean the English speaking Christians and Jews worship a god different from what the Hebrew and Aramaic speaking Christians and Jews do, or that they worship a god different from The God of the Bible.

Generally, different languages refer to same words differently, that's why they are different languages, or then they would be one and the same language. So generally, The One True God could be referred to, or called differently between and in different languages. Of course in some cases, different languages could have some similarities, and share some words in their meaning, some even in their pronunciation.

That being said, it would be completely wrong and deceiving to say the French speaking people worship a different god called "Dieu" just because God in French is "Dieu", same for the Spanish, as God is "Dios", and for the Italian, as God is "Dio", and same for all other languages.

One should come to conclusion about what this or that religion worship, not by what the god they worship is called in this or that language, but by good knowledge of the text and teachings of the religion, and to what god does it refer to, in meaning and description. Only by such knowledge, one can come to the conclusion if this or that religion worships the One True God or another false god.

So even if God wasn't called "Allah" in the original languages of the Bible, which as we will learn here, He is, but even if He wasn't, just because God is called "Allah" in the Qur'an, which the original language of the Qur'an is Arabic, it would be false and deceiving to say Muslims worship a different god from The God who sent Moses and Jesus (Pput) with the truth.

One might ask, why then spend the time discussing the similarity between what "God" is called in the original languages of the Bible and the Qur'an?

Well, some might not be familiar with the meaning of the Arabic word "Allah", and unfortunately some try to use that to spread false information about Muslims worshiping a different god from The One True God of the Bible. So it's important to point out the above, and the following, to help directing those and everyone to the truth of this matter, God willing.

Here, we will learn that even though the original languages of the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Last Testament, are different, yet, they share similarities, such as, all write and read from right to left, and all use similar and in some cases almost identical words in meaning and pronunciation. The word "Allah" is one of those similar/identical words.

What does the word "Allah" mean, in Arabic?

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